TINY (62 min, 2013)

One couple’s attempt to build a 120-square foot ‘tiny house’ with no building  experience raises questions about good design, sustainability, and the changing American Dream. 

SXSW Film Festival, Hot Docs, DOC NYC, Big Sky Documentary FF, Hot Springs Documentary FF, IFF Boston, Napa Valley FF, Minneapolis/St. Paul FF, San Francisco Green FF, Berkshires FF, Mountainfilm, Sidewalk FF, Rhode Island International FF, Tallgrass FF, Hollywood FF, DC Environmental FF

Best Environmental Film, Rhode Island International Film Festival 

TV Broadcast: Al Jazeera America, Canadian Broadcasting Channel, LifeStyle Network (Australia)

2014 Top 10 Most Popular Independent Films: Netflix, iTunes, Hulu 
Distributed by First Run Features
Stream the film here.

USA Today: “Insightful and entertaining from start to finish.” 
HotDocs: "Like a perfectly realized tiny house, the film is compact, economical and elegant, a fitting testament to the spirit of the tiny house movement and the DIY trend in non-fiction filmmaking."
Austin Chronicle: "A story about learning to live large - about expanding our concept of what our domestic spaces can do for us, in connecting us to our communities, to nature, to our loved ones, and to our dreams." 
Toronto Film Scene: "Highly recommended. It's an environmental piece without trying, and a rather in-depth look at the growing urge to move away from the excessive consumption of life to a more simple way of doing things." 
Popculture Beast: "[TINY] is really about re-examining what home means, and challenging the emotional assumptions we as Americans attach to home ownership." 
Video TapeWorm: "An intimate and very personal doc/diary about the nascent human desire to be self-reliant and the joy of being unencumbered by possessions. Remarkably good." 
Grist: “Want to build a Tiny House with your Boo? The TINY Couple Has Tips for You.” [Interview]